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Modded Controllers Xbox 360

eliminate the competition with our 5,500+ mode mod controller xbox 360. you will completely dominate your opponents!

each of our mod controller xbox 360 are professionally modded using our in house technology that was developed exclusively by us and only sold exclusively by mods"r"us.

sub modes this feature is something our competition doesn't have. it allows you to use multiple configurations for the same mode. you no longer have to change modes to use advanced features. simply double tap the sync button to go from regular mode a to sub mode b

we've been selling mod controllers xbox 360 since its inception and have put all this into one easy to use, and powerful package.

the mod combinations of all these features allow for unlimited settings, making any future patches or updates a thing of the past!

the mod controller xbox 360 offers 5,500+ modded modes, when combined with the adjustable speed/timing values. we built our modded controller xbox 360 with the user in mind. it lets you turn on/off rapid fire in a fraction of a second and you can even change modes on the fly. works with all fps games.

5,500+ modded controller xbox 360 mode break down - (both regular & sub modes) quick scope = 201 jitter = 96x2 = 192 world at war = 96x2 = 192 rapid fire modes 96x19 = 1,824 without rapid fire = 7 burst /auto burst = 768x4 = 3,072 + 32 default modes = 5500+ mod controller combinations.

do you love nazi zombies? our mod controllers xbox 360 have auto aim that lets you automatically aim on an enemy by simply holding in the left trigger. make every bullet count when ammo is scarce! this mode works with zombies, special ops, & campaign missions only that allow the aim assist option. it will not work against other human players but does work online against ai or computer enemies. it's 100% undetectable on xbox live (100% online safe)

our mods have improved over the years to include many other features as well. this mod controller comes equipped with these features in addition to rapid fire that allow you to use practically any weapon in any game!

our modded controller xbox 360 is in a custom painted hydro dipped shell it will not chip, scratch, or fade. hydro dipped controller shell is a painting process that also has been clear coated to prevent any damage on the controllers pattern itself a new high quality design.

our controllers work with pc games lets you play with a controller instead of just a keyboard or mouse. you can quickly and easily install the microsoft xbox 360 controller for windows on any computer that has an available usb port and that is running windows xp service pack 2 or a later version of windows.

Modded Controllers Xbox One

our modded controllers xbox one have no added buttons, simply tap the sync button to change mode. turns semi-automatic and single shot weapons into full auto weapons. incredibly superior custom modded controller to the cost conscious gamers and it's easy to use.

we use brand new official microsoft® controller our modded controllers xbox one have a highly developed mod installed. it has rapid fire modes combined with auto aim, quick scope, akimbo, drop shot and burst fire modes this gives you the best configuration for your specific playing style: semi-autos, rifles, pistols.

speeds and functions are optimized to work with xbox one fps games.

easy to use, most effective, undetectable, rated best by hardcore gamers works around cod rapid fire patches, not just a lowered speed. 

our modded controllers xbox one use microchips designed by professionals who understand the xbox one system. speeds are optimized to work great on all games including cod ghosts, battlefield 4, black ops 2 and halo. 

auto aim: as the controllers trigger is depressed the weapon automatically takes aim through the weapon sights or optic. this substantially enhances the accuracy of the weapon. when the trigger is only slightly depressed it will allow you to zoom in,without releasing a shot.

quick scope: as the left trigger (scope button) is depressed your character aims down the scope and fires a single shot. great for long range situations.

akimbo: the ability to dual wield weapons by depressing the right trigger only. may be used in conjunction with rapid fire.

drop shot: as the player begins to fire the character drops into the prone position and will continue firing. may be used with the other modes enabled as well. 

burst fire: a weapon fires a set number of rounds (usually 2-4) with a single depression of the trigger. this is a very powerful mod that helps preserve ammo and help prevents a unnecessary reload when under fire. 

our xbox one wireless controller can work with your pc if you download one of the following driver packages: pc drivers for xbox one controller (x86) pc drivers for xbox one controller (x64) note to use your xbox one controller with your console after using it with a pc, the controller must be re-synced to the console via the wireless sync button or usb cable.

modded controller modded controllers xbox one cod advanced warfare rapid fire controllers rapid fire controller xbox 360 advanced warfare mod controllers mod controller xbox one custom controllers cod custom controller xbox 360 modified controllers modified controller xbox one advanced warfare cod